Bobs Vault

"Very Old Half-Baked Nuggets" is a particular collection of demos & composition ideas that I enjoyed but never fully pursued. Recorded mostly between 2002-2008, these half-baked nuggets share a sort of cerebral, quirky &  progressive underpinning.​

During this time I was really into composing these inter-woven, syncopated parts with counterpoint melodies. Mood-wise, I often favored discoveries that painted an eerie or mystical landscape for me.  Rhythmically, I was really into the syncopated drumming styles of players like Carter Beauford & Dennis Chambers, and so as I worked out the composition I would try to envision where & how a player like that might place their accents.  "The Orchard" is an example.

Composed mostly with fruity loops, guitar and voice, these incomplete works were left ( and recently found! ) on old CDR's.