Gear For Sale

All of the gear that is for sale is "used".  All items have been well kept here at the studio and are in good working condition. All items are sold "As Is", with no returns. Shipping and Insurance is included in all pricing, however Local Pickup is available and shipping will be discounted in those cases.  

The RM2J is a fairly rare microphone and is considered by many to be one of the best microphones ever made due to it's versatility, and it's ultra-realistic, wide-open, large sound. It has zero sibilance issues with vocals. Not a single source ever gets "harsh" sounding with this mic. 

The RM2J has 2 tube modes that exhibit different amounts of saturation, and the grille lights up a fancy Blue or Red color, respective to the tube mode that it is in. It also comes with an external power supply which features a rotary knob that allows you to dial in ANY polar pattern pickup - from Omni directional all the way through the cardioid patterns to figure 8. This feature alone brings amazing value to the engineer. 

This mic here is one of the first 15 made. It contains the original tube. A simple mod can be made, if desired, to "upgrade" the tube to the newer version. This mod is very inexpensive, and not really necessary.  I prefer the mic as is. It sounds great. 

Also included is the power supply , cord and storage box.

Horch RM2J




Mic: Horch Rm2j in wide cardioid 

Preamp: Gordon

Interface/Converters: Prism Orpheus

Recorded to Nuendo 5

Mix: No Compression. Minimal EQ

Reverb:UAD Plate 140 

Camera: Sony Handycam - no editing with the exception of text


Artist: David Eldredge 

Example 1

Example 2

Artist: Space Motel


Mic: Horch Rm2j 

Preamp: Gordon

Compressor: Daking FETII

EQ: Daking mic pre/eq

Interface/Converters: Prism Orpheus

Recorded to Nuendo 7

Mix: minimal compression &. EQ

Reverb:UAD Plate 140 


Acoustic Guitar & Vocal