• Bob Hanna

A gift of music

Sometime around the Summer of 2012, Glenn came to the The Dub Room to record a few songs as a "demo" for gigs. He knocked this tune out in one take, within the first 10 minutes of being in the building. About a year or so later, I asked Glenn if he would come and sing a few Merle Haggard & Johnny Cash tunes for my Grandfather in-law who was very ill & in the hospital at the time. Without hesitation he replied "absolutely", and called us family. At the time, he had never met our grandfather, and had only met my wife once. He arrived in full attire - Cowboy boots, hat and all. He spent over an hour singing and taking requests. He gave our grandfather some of his last enjoyable memories in life, and for that we will be forever grateful. Glenn is a man of high character, integrity and talent. I Highly recommend that you go listen to Glenn Miller - You can catch him as a solo act or with one of his fantastic Bands - "One foot In" & "The Lost Hermits".



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