• Bob Hanna

Recording without headphones...

When over-dubbing instruments and vocals, using head phones to monitor the music can sometimes add an extra challenge to an already challenging craft. Monitoring via the control room studio monitors is one way that engineers & players have historically dealt with this challenge. Putting a small spin on this concept, I installed a pair of wall-mounted monitors in the top far corners of the room. I actually angle them about 15 degrees up and toward the center of the room, pointing over the musicians' head. Due of the placement and angle of the monitors, in this particular room, listeners are able to hear a large, clear picture of the music, and are able to feel as if they are somewhat playing "in the room" with the rest of the music! Utilizing the isolation booth, we are able to record loud, mic'd up amplifiers to get the proper sound & tones for the player & song. In many cases, this method has proven to be a more expressive & enjoyable way to over-dub, Happy dubbing!

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