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I often get questions about publishing from artists who have not yet been through the process of making their music available for purchase & use on the internet. There is some fundamental ground to be covered for anyone who plans on doing so. Things like Copyrighting your music, signing up for ASCAP & BMI, obtaining ISRC codes for your songs, and setting your music up for online distribution.

My advice to artists is always to get these things in motion during the production of your song or record, as opposed to after you are finished. The reason for this, is that all of this stuff takes time (and a little money) to complete. If you can have all of this stuff set up and ready to go by the time your record is ready to go to Mastering (ISRC codes will be need to be supplied to the mastering engineer), then you will be ready to hit the ground running with little to no waiting or down-time once the record is complete.

Not all of these things are an absolutely necessity, but I believe it's a good idea to be thorough with things, particularly when it comes to releasing your art to the public on the web. These are the basics that I think everyone should start with. And of course you could definitely go further too.

I am just going to leave these links here, so that you can read about each directly, rather than be redundant. Make the most of it!













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