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Allysen Callery | LIVE | Outside The Dub Room

Updated: Nov 14, 2020


It was an eerie late October here in New England.

The fog was low, the wildlife was loud and clear.

Beth-Lyn and I spent some time the night before staging the area, testing the lighting and finding our vantage points...

The idea was inspired by this candid video that I came across, where Allysen was playing outdoors, at a private house party during the evening...

What if we were to stage this sort of environment for a recording with Allysen with the intention of a high-quality audio capture? We could include the geese, crickets, frogs & owl that are ever present in the area at night!

I called Allysen and asked if she was interested and she obliged.

When it came time for the session, we had technical issues with one of our cameras, and so the video portion of this session wound up being mostly uncut footage from a single camera. Not exactly the vision, but still an interesting result...

The highlight of the night was Allysen's performance of her then-new song "Elemental Child".

We were all very happy with the recordings as we successfully captured an ethereal blend of the late-October ambience and Allysen's gentle yet haunting performance.



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