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Chet Matteson's "Unity" Sessions

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Hear more from Chet Matteson at https://chetmattesonband.bandcamp.com/

Chet Matteson came to me with a rough version of "Unity" that he wrote with his acoustic guitar. He wanted to bring in as many friends and local musicians to collaborate with, in the spirit of "Unity" and so that's what we did.

We started by laying "guide" tracks - with Chet's acoustic guitar and vocal over a "demo" drum beat that I layed out for him with Fruity Loops.

We then scheduled the musicians to come in, in by one, session by session to add instrumentation to the song. I guided and coached them through basic arrangement ideas that I had as a start, and encouraged them interpret and embellish the parts in their own way from there.

Here are the contributors:

Kim Petrarca - Lead backing vocals on "Unity"

Birttany Thompson - Lead backing Vocals on "Unity"

Brooke Bamford - Harmony backing vocals on "Unity"

Jordan Shoener - Gang vocals on "Unity"

Matthew Fearns - Lead Guitar on "Unity"

Dan Arnold - drums on "Unity"

Jay pickles - bass on "Uniity"

William Matteson - Recorder/flute on "Unity"

Video by Michael Day at Daylight Films

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