• Beth-Lyn Hanna

Fruition LIVE at Knickerbocker Cafe Westerly, RI

Back in 2014 I had my radio set to Sirius xm and I heard this amazing song called Mountain Annie for the first time. I fell in love instantly with the harmonious melodies. And although the story was one we could all relate to, the feeling of love lost, it was the instrumentation that beautifully supported the lyrics and carried me away.

Soon after, I was fortunate enough to see Fruition play live at a folk festival at The Narrows in Fall River. They had traveled all the way from Portland, Oregon and my young son and I danced to the music in the hot summer sun.  

For about the past two months my husband and I Had planned to go see a band we like from NY, but about two weeks before the show I saw Fruition added a night to their tour for that same night, right here in little RI, their first show in our state. Needless to say we changed our plans.

The venue was a small club dating back to the 1930's, called the Knickerbocker cafe. Out of all the clubs I have ever been in, this had the nicest bathroom. No seriously it was almost the size of the old Met Cafe.

When the band hit the stage they were as cool as ever, and didn't lose an ounce of energy when the mic cut out and the acoustic guitar didn't have pick up. The crowd moved closer into the stage and we laughed with the band as they changed their set and swapped guitars making jokes and improvising. They played straight through for two hours stopping only for tequila shots from the audience. The room was ecstatic with energy as you felt the floor thump from heels and bodies swaying in time.

They capped the night with "Boil Over" which left us all begging for more, and they delivered with an encore to delight. It was a night of raw talent and real genuine people. A night that I will remember.  

I hope that others will take the time to experience the joy that is Fruition!


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