• Beth-Lyn Hanna

Mighty Mighty BossTones LIVE at The Met

ABOUT THE SHOW The Mighty Mighty Bosstones played at The Met in Pawtucket, RI on July 22, 2017. The venue, a small club located in the Hope Artiste Village, was part of an old Mill building, beautifully renovated, and home to artists, craftsman and the community farmers market. The Met held an almost "Ska Fest" with four bands playing inside the club and three outside in the Courtyard. There were pop up beer bars set up, and even a spot to get a burger and french fries all while enjoying the fresh air, friends and music!  The highlight of the night was when the Bosstones kicked off the night with "Noise Brigade", and performed the full album of "Let's Face It" as well as fan favorites like "Simmer Down" and "Where'd you go". The band was on point, you'd never know it was 20 years later and the crowd had just as much energy as it did in the 90's; dancing, crowd surfing and singing every word. Seeing the next generation of ska fans was especially fun when Dicky called a young boy onto the stage to dance. He looked to be about 7, sporting the bands t-shirt and smiling from ear to ear. His Dad snapped pics while mouthing every word of the song. It was a night of music, community and a throw back to our youth. If you're "so sad to say" you missed the show, "you gotta go"!  Get the "pictures to prove it", and don't leave it to "someday I suppose!"  Check 'em out! www.bosstonesmusic.com

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