Built with quality wood & finished with 3 coats of polyurethane (or unfinished if you prefer!).


The original custom design was created specifically to suit our tiny space at The Dub Room and is unlike anything currently available on the market.


To quickly sum it up, the idea of this design was to be able to load in all of our rack gear (20 RU spaces) with access to the rear panels for patching, a CPU tower (a place that would keep fan noise out of the way), a cpu monitor, a digital mixer & 2 pairs of studio monitors, and a shelf to keep power supplies tidy & and off of the floor. Also with storage/cabinet space for other gear & accessories - all in one desk unit that could be moveable!


This allowed us to neatly wire everything together and with the help of a good power conditioner, we were able to have just 1 single plug to the wall for ALL of our gear allowing us to "roll" the desk where ever it needed to be for any particular session. 


The desk features beautiful hardware and custom wood design. 


If you would like to take a look at it in person, please contact us at DubRoomRecording@gmail.com        

Dub Room Custom Studio Desk

  • Height: 2'  8.5" to desktop, 3' 5.5" to monitor shelving


    Depth: 27"


    Length: 5' 11"   


    Rack Spaces: 16 Total. 8 spaces on each side, with an extra 1ru under each monitor shelf for easy access. 


    Monitor Shelves: 2' x 9.25" (each)


    Additional Features:

    - Casters for ergonomic versatility

    - Roll out Keyboard shelf

    - 2 large cabinets for additional storage

    - Drilled hole for pc monitor wiring

    - Open-back design for easy access to gear

    - PC Shelf

    - PSU shelf

    - Beautiful hardware and custom wood detail  

  • These Desks are made to order. Please contact us with any questions regarding details & specs.

    EMAIL: DubRoomRecording@gmail.com